Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's HOT in 2013: Lip Art!

I will be talking more and more about Lip Art - because after yesterday's Dior Haute Couture Runway Show (Pre-Spring 2013), where models rocked a rhinestone lips:

You can guarantee that 'lip art' will go mainstream!

I blogged to you last year about Violent Lips temporary tattoos for lips in fun and funky prints and patterns (I actually have a red glitter one that looks just like Dior's model's lips above!)

but this new phase of lip art will blow a temporary tattoo away!!!

Check out some cool designs:


And well, the unique....

the easiest and fool-proof way to get on this trend would be to apply a Violent Lip Tattoo, because the design is built in and its not difficult to do!  If you're just dying to go to the next level of lip art, you should try an ombre look, by applying a matte lipstick or waterproof cream shadow to the inner area of the lip with a LIP BRUSH, then use a clean lip brush to 'fade' the color out and apply the complementary color.  Then trace around lips with concealer to define the edge of lips.  You can go the extra mile by using a (makeup safe) glitter adhesive and applying matching glitter, as shown in this amazing look below:

If you want to get really wild with the looks, you're probably going to need an airbrush system, complete with funky colors!

I'm loving this trend!  I am totally trying it!

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