Monday, January 21, 2013

New in Nail Art: Concrete?

I've heard of the Velvet manicure:

(Best in Show: Ciate)

The Crackle:

(Done by...well, everybody in 2011!)

The Magnetic Manicure:

(Check out Essie's Reptyle Skin looking version!)

EVEN....The Caviar Manicure!

(also done by Ciate!)

But....the newest is...the CONCRETE manicure?

Check out Nails Inc's new CONCRETE finish polish:

Its like putting the curb on your fingertips!  This ultra thick textured mani really looks like you dipped your tips in a cement mixer!!!  Hmmm....still trying to learn the appeal on this one!

In four shades (PS- stay away from the red, its heinous!)

You can get this crazy textured look, and might I suggest investing in some pure acetone, or its never coming off!

Mariah Carey had a different description in mind, when her mid-winter OPI collection launched and called the same finish "Liquid Sand" (which I should add, that anyone will tell you....that's essentially what concrete is.  Interesting!)

Her liquid sand collection features four fun shades

And I am LOVING "Stay the Night" Its like the fashionable version of concrete, if that is even a thing!

My tip on this trend, avoid pinks and just doesn't work in this finish!

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