Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If I try REALLY hard, I might get it to come back

Sunday night I was playing makeover on myself (what?  I do that!)  and I was having so much fun working in different eye looks with my standby old fav....ORANGE lipstick! 

Now, there is HOPE for me getting this to come back in 2013 like it had in 2011, especially since Jessica Alba and Sophia Vegarra wore it to the Golden Globes

but it's still unsure......

I really like bold primary shades of orange:

I also like the unique twist of using a TRUE orange (but I would keep this look reserved for "Resort 2013" or other beachy locales!)

If the thought if wearing orange lips is appealing but you still aren't sure....try a softer shade, and stick with a lipstick instead of a gloss, and keep the eyes simple and soft. 

DON'T FORGET:  Orange lipstick's best friends are BRONZER and BLUSH (which balance out the color!)

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