Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sneak a peek at the Oz Palettes

I am sooooo excited about the 3D movie based on the original Wizard of Oz, which will be called "Oz The Great and Powerful" in winter 2013.

I am LOVING the look book that Urban Decay is putting out based on the characters, and they will also be launching 2 palettes of limited edition "Oz" colors based on the GOOD and EVIL witches!  AHHHHH!!!!!!

Are you freaking out yet?  hehe!

I can't decide if I will treat myself to the Evil (Mila Kunis's character) look called Theodora:

Or the pretty Good (Michelle Williams' character) look called Glinda:

So, check out Theodora:

You get these great shadows, and 2 of them are duos!  FUN!  The golden yellow amps up the evil factor when placed on the brow bone!

Glinda has a nude and neutral ballerina-like shades that will brighten:

For this look you're placing the golden shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes...

(YES!  You get the super-saturated lip color too!)

The palettes are available January 25th (that's three days!) on www.urbandecay.com and will sell out quick!  Knowing Urban Decay, if they get more interest than expected, they may launch another few themed products related to the movie!

If you STILL can't get enough, click on the Sweepstakes offer on Urban Decay's website, and you can 'like' them on Facebook so you get a chance to enter and win a trip to the premiere on Feb 13!

So, are you Evil or Good!??!?!

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