Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I'm Using: Primer

I keep going back for it over and over again....even though I often think that there can be no way I love this primer so much!  BUT I DO!

It's Victoria's Secret FX Primer with SPF 20
<em>Victoria's Secret</em> VS PRO Airbrush <em>FX</em> Perfecting <em>Primer</em> SPF 20
(you can buy for $15 at or at the VS locations with a beauty section (for the locals: Carousel VS has it)

Nothing works for me quite like this amazing oil free primer that glides on and keeps my makeup put ALL day!  Plus I love the little extra SPF protection!

I've tried over 20 primers, and I keep making my way back to this one.  I use it on my makeup clients all the time and it never irritates their skin!

Pick some up and give it a try!

(PS- pass on the bronze and highlighter version they have, they aren't nearly as good)

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