Sunday, January 13, 2013

$20 in Essie products - pick them up now!

Make a mini-investment in your manicure items this weekend with these 2 products from Essie (Walgreens, Ulta, etc)

New!  Apricot Cuticle Oil, $8

Keeping cuticles healthy is the most essential part of maintaining your finger nails.  Moisturized cuticles hold necessary vitamins in, and soft cuticles reduce hangnails and peeling.  I've been applying nightly before bed (swipe over cuticle and then rub in) and I've noticed a difference in 3 days!
Note:  when painting nails, apply this cuticle oil after top coat has dried at least 5 minutes, this will make your manicure look its best!

Your next item will have you looking so up-to-date with the latest in nail art, the reptile skin!

Essie's "Repstyle" (cleaver, no?) $12 each

polishes create a snakeskin look by using a magnet in the top of the polish!  (Yeah, we've seen this before in early 2011 when the magnet polish came out, but that was basic stars, THIS is totally snakeskin, and the colors are fabulous!)

There are six shades

I really think it pops with the namesake, "Repstyle" but I'm all for keeping in as authentic as possible with "Crocadilly"

Its so easy, you paint each nail and then hold the magnet on the top of the applicator over the nail to 'pull' the design through...

Trust me, this is a great $20 investment that will have your nails in great shape this week!

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