Friday, January 25, 2013

Get inspired for Spring, courtesy of Chanel

On last week's runways in Paris, it was ALL about Spring at the Chanel show!  Shades of blush pink combined with sharp blunt haircuts were all over the place!  I am LOVING the double C logo under the eye, its so label-pushing that it works!

Oh Karl (as in Lagerfeld, as in the God of all things fashion) how do you continue to blow our minds and keep Chanel modern and relevant yet re-introduce the classic tweeds, black and white and A-line and we STILL WANT IT!

Check out the makeup that Chanel says we will be dying over some April!

Makeup artists were creating these pink looks with this palette (to be released soon for Resort, aka: Pre-Spring)

Check out this bathing suit and purse, its amazing!

I am just IN LOVE with the whole theme and the looks!  I wish I could order it all for my upcoming beach vacation!

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