Thursday, January 31, 2013

What I'm Using: Eye Primer

I would never wear foundation without a primer, so it stands to reason I wouldn't wear eye shadow without a primer!  One of my all time favorites is Too Faced's Eye Primer in Candlelight

They call it "shadow insurance" for a reason, because it really keeps your shadow where you put it!!!  ($19 at Ulta)

My favorite part about this primer, is the golden tint that it has.  This tint:

- Brightens the eye area
- Makes shadow pigments attach better
- Makes shadow colors appear bolder
- Allows you to use LESS eyeshadow (when you're applying a $75 Chanel Quad, you're happy to save!)
- Evens skin tone
- Gets rid of redness
- Smooths the area for better shadow application

Look at this before and after:

notice how much better the shadow looks with a primer to lock it in place and bring the pigments (read: color) out!

There are three products in the 'shadow insurance' line from Too Faced and I've used them all:

If you have an eye area that is especially prone to redness, check out their primer in 'lemon drop' which has a yellow hue that gets rid of redness:

Its a beauty bag staple that you can't pass up for under $20.  It will last you 10-12 months even with daily application.  (you only need a tiny bead-size amount for each eye!)

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