Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Such a tease!

One of my newest additions to my hair product must have collection is...


If you're trying to achieve styles like THIS without it

Don't bother!!!

How to use it:

Determine how you will style your hair, so you'll know how much lift you'll need.  Grab your teasing powder and a teasing comb or brush...I like to to use a teasing brush:

Apply powder to roots:

Then gently brush hair into place!


These powders will totally hold your style ALL day and give you ultimate lift at the roots! 

What I'm using:

My Splurge:  Surface 'Push' $24 at participating salons

My Steal:  Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play, $15 at Ulta

(I haven't found anything cheaper that works yet!)

How I'm wearing it:

I really like this for creating volume with a simple ponytail:

Or I use it when I'm in a rush and throw a headband on with it for an instant retro look

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