Saturday, January 26, 2013

What I'm Using: Mascara

I spent over a year hunting for a new mascara when my fav Chanel one was discontinued.  I finally ended up with a deluxe sample of an Estee Lauder (who wouldn't thought?) mascara that was INCREDIBLE!  BUT - would the full size live up to the hype?!?

It sure did, and I'm on my third purchased tube and I love it so much!

It's Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara (I wear black, but I like the brown too!)

The brush grabs all my lashes and the application is smooth and adds tons of length and volume, without making my lashes look clumpy

My favorite thing about it, is that although it isn't waterproof, you'd probably need to jump in a pool before it would run!  Sadly, I learned this at a funeral, where after 40+ minutes of crying it hadn't even budged! 

And every night it washes right off with a gentle cleanser with no raccoon eye left behind!

At $22 (Estee Lauder counters in major department stores) its not a cheap buy, but you won't be disappointed!  Its a great product!

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