Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Divine!

For two days I had an early winter attack of dry skin on my upper body and even with using a deep moisturizer in the morning, it would plauge me mid afternoon again! 

While on a quick trip to the mall, it was bothering me again, so its no wonder one spray of this on my arm in Sephora and THIS fabulous item made it in my shopping cart
Caudalie - Divine Oil
It's Divine Oil, and that basically sums it up - it really IS!

This anti-oxident rich oil is for HAIR, NAILS, SKIN, BATH & MASSAGE!  Its fair trade ingredients keep all your parts perfectly hydrated without oily residue and with the lightest and softest of rose and grapefruit scents.
It also is a fine mist spray, which keeps you from applying too much:

($49 at Sephora)

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