Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sephora's 15th Anniversary - Products Under $15!

Happy Birthday Sephora - 15 years of being our #1 go-to beauty store and online shop!  To celebrate, Sephora is featuring TONS of the best sellers at prices at $15 and under - so you can stock up on travel sizes OR try some amazing products that you didn't want to shell out full price for until you knew you loved them!

Here's what I picked up in the under $15 special!!!!

#1 Caudalie Divine Oil Spray $9
Caudalie - Divine Oil
I've blogged about this spray before, it is so incredible.  This ultra hydrating dry oil can be used on skin, hair and nails to boost moisture without a greasy feel.  (think: dry hands/cuticles or suddenly frizzy hair!) And the soft scent is unique and heavenly.  This size fits so great in my purse, and I use it CONSTANTLY!

#2 Kat Von D's Autograph Pencil $10
Kat Von D - Waterproof Autograph Pencil
I picked up this pencil in "Proud Peacock" which is a green-grey and I'm telling you - the color DID NOT BUDGE!  I am picking up several more - you never know, this MIGHT end up being my new black pencil!  Her products really do stay on all day!

#3 Dr Dennis Gross Beauty to Glow tanning pads ($15)
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Beauty To Glow Face And Body
If you follow my blog at all you'll know this is my #1 tanning product, so I had to pick up this special sampling of a full face & body application to keep with me when I travel - yeah, its THAT's easy and fool proof!

#4 Too Faced's "tan without the twinkle" ($15)
Too Faced - Tan Without The Twinkle
This totally matte tan powder is perfect for contouring on the face, because there is no shine, so it really adds depth, and I actually loved it for touch ups when my face was getting a bit shiny (and regular powder didn't work because I had already used the tanning pads above from Dr Dennis Gross so I needed tan powder!).  Its not the best I've ever used, but I will gladly use all of this compact until its gone.

and lastly, I have been waiting to try this for a while, but the full size was just out of my price range, so when they introduced Michael Kors's Leg Shine in a travel size - I had to order it

#5 Michael Kors Leg Shine ($10)
Michael Kors - Leg Shine
This scented leg shine gets applied from ankles, up the shins and to the knees and what it does is reflect light to make legs appear slimmer and skin healthier from a soft glow.  I like that it isn't sticky, and before running out of the house the other day I actually put some on my breast bone to reflect light and add that bit of fragrance and I liked it!  I don't think I would buy the full size, but this $10 one will last me into summer with no problem, and after that I might be over it anyway!

So check out the $15 and under special to celebrate Sephora's 15th Anniversary and score yourself some awesome goodies!  Remember, purchases $50 or over are free shipping AND you get to choose 3 great samples!  Not only that, but Sephora's free shipping isn't this long week or more waiting, I got mine in 3 days!

Happy (discount) shopping!

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