Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Now Offering Glitter Finish with Eye Kandy (c) Products!

While at The Makeup Show Chicago (check out #tmschi on Twitter) my first stop was obvi Make Up For Ever (MUFE to those in the know) and right next door was this small booth with tons of glitter pots on it
Eye Kandy Display
The lady said she loved my lipstick shade (Kevyn Aucoin "Endless")

and she then made a blend of the Eye Kandy glitters to compliment the shade.  She dipped her brush in the "liquid sugar applicator solution"

and started to blend it onto my lips over the color

The finish was flawless and it set very quickly.  After it did it was totally comfortable (didn't feel like glued on glitter) and boy, did it get noticed!  I was getting stopped at the show and asked about it over and over!  It was applied around 10:30am and even after eating and drinking I checked it at 4pm and it will still on like a champ - and there wasn't even a flake on my shirt!  (what?!  How?!)  I was so mesmerized by the ease of application that I went back to her for another look and some more info.  She also showed me how to create some eye looks, which were so fun!  This also can be applied to the body - check out this fun tattoo enhancement someone did
I love the different eye looks you can create - you can go very bold

Or very glam

I picked up a basic set and got to choose my colors, so of course I had to get a soft pink that I know I can convince SOMEONE to let me apply for a night out on the town!

This product is also going to be GREAT for performers and young ladies who do dance, gymnastics or skating competitions!
Contact me today about getting your application of Eye Kandy! 

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