Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beauty Treatments from the Kitchen!

I'll admit, I am totally on the trend of organic products (ok, I'll never give up my need for probably unhealthy chemical ridden makeup products!)

As much as I can I guess!

But I did narrow down the 4 Most Practical Homemade Beauty Products!

Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Cleanse
I didn't realize that I had some buildup (I do love dry shampoo!) until I tried rinsing my wet hair with apple cider vinegar - AND even daring a bit to massage it into my scalp
Leaning back to avoid any possible eye contact - it reeks!

Rinse with cool water and then a bit of shampoo (no need to scrub the scalp)

I Used Heinz
Use approximately a cup

-Dry Scalp

Green Tea Bags for Tired Eyes

I really was procrastinating this one - because you really do need to lie down for a few minutes to let the coolness and the caffeine take affect

Caffeinated Green Tea Bags
Healthy Antioxidants & Caffeine Reduce Swelling
-Boil some water, its ready when it just starts to really heat up, not boiling
-Pour onto tea bag (a little water)

-Let it Cool Down, I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes
-Gently squeeze out water and place on the under eye area
-Lay back and relax, for a few minutes anyway (I really did enjoy that part!)

-Rinse with cool water, apply an eye cream

How about a cool gel de-puff eye cream from the fridge as the finale to a total fresh feeling eye ready to handle the day!?
Clinique All About Eyes Rollerball
-Reduce Swelling
-Reduce Darkness
-Tightens Skin
-Provide Relief from Irritated or Dry Skin

Annnnd...better than cucumbers

Papaya Exfoliating Mask

This sounded messy and irritating honestly, but ended up being super easy and was a treatment I actually felt was worth the effort

Split a Papaya, take half scoop out the seeds and cut the ripe & tender part of the fruit and blend it (you've got a lot to work with so be choosy!)

I added a little but of honey to thicken it up and give it some consistency

Apply with a popsicle stick or fingers and gently rub onto skin to activate the enzymes

It's best to lie back when its on to give it a chance to dry a bit, the consistency is best when thinner
Rinse off with cool water - skin should feel smooth and tight

PS- Don't feel guilty for picking this up to get the same affect, we can't all be Martha Stewart-like!

BUT, you can also eat the rest of the fruit or...put it on some frozen yogurt like I did

Last but not least...

Uses for Lemon Juice
My FAVORITE webcomic of all time Natalie Dee
Rub on Nails to Whiten and Increase Strength
This worked especially well for my toe nails, that are so consistently covered in polish that they were bound to be discolored!

You can try this method:

or you can soak a Q Tip in lemon juice and rub on nails

As an Exfoliator on Skin (Hands and Dry Spots)
A little lemon juice, coconut oil and sugar if you prefer - to create a makeshift scrub

I found this how-to online

Now you've got some practical homemade beauty treatments that you can feel good about!!!

Check out my Bridge Street Segment at 10am on June 27th, Channel 9 in Syracuse when I'll be showing these treatments on the show!

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