Thursday, June 6, 2013

All About Fragrance

Rosa Showing Caroline a Hot Summer Scent
Today's segment on Bridge Street was about fragrance, specifically what's hot for summer and how to apply fragrance.

Let's Talk About What's Hot!

If you take a look at the scent 'wheel'
Scent Wheel
Summer 2013 is all about the "Fresh" section, and I've seen a lot of "Italian" fruits and spices in scents for the summer, most notably Victoria's Secret Ciao Bella Collection, where they took three of their best selling scents and added Italian fruit extracts to make them extra crisp & fresh for summer

Very Sexy, Bombshell and Heavenly all got a bit of Italian flair, and the "Bombshell Italian Iris" is mind blowing

I also really like the Bath & Body Works (the fab cousin of VS!) Italian Collection Candles

They make my house smell like an espresso shop meets fresh picked fruit, just like in a breezy mountainside village, incredible!

Keeping in line with the "Fresh" Scents, I'm also reviewing one of the newest fragrances on the market this month, Prada Luna Rossa

Yes, this is marketed as a man's fragrance, and it smelled incredible on my hubby - but I really like it for myself, I think its light enough for me and also has this feminine edge.  I really love it! (from $55 at Ulta)

If you're looking for a new scent for summer, something girlie but still fresh, I really recommend Victoria's Secret "Noir Tease"

Not only is this fabulous (even Caroline today couldn't believe that she likes a VS Scent that much!) but the application of it with the classic air mister makes you feel instantly sexy - which is s nice feeling when you're rushing to get ready!

I totally feel like Dita when I apply it

(What?!  A girl can dream, right?!)

So, you obviously get why Eau de Perfume is like, $75 and body splash is $12 right!?!?  Well, just to be sure, clearly Parfum is the most potent (about 40% pure fragrance) and therefore the most expensive (think: obtaining ingredients, getting the precious oil from the object to then synthesize into fragrance - expensive!)  whereas a body splash is about 3% pure fragrance, and is watered down with mainly alcohol (evaporates quickly - and the scent with it).

SO - when you're looking for a new 'signature' scent - or you just want to change it up for the season - you should most likely be shopping for an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum (sometimes the same thing, but about 15-30% pure fragrance, respectively) so that you are buying a scent of quality, that will wear with you through the day!

So, Do You Buy the Gift Set?

Often you see the fragrance department with all these gift sets on the counters - and if you avoid them - here's why you shouldn't

- they are usually only about 10% more than just the bottle, totally worth it
- layering the different consistencies (wash, lotion, etc) makes the fragrance last longer!
- if they contain a mini or a roller ball, then you have the perfect portable scent to refresh it on the go!

Pro Tip:  When you layer eau de toilette over the 'matching' body lotion (or at least ANY lotion) you're going to get longer lasting scent!

Moist skin holds scent longer!!!!

Cardinal Rule: Always apply scent to moist SKIN, not on clothing and no 'spritz and walk through' its a HUGE waste! 

Better yet to apply scent directly to your pulse points, the thought is that skin is warmer there and you'll naturally keep 'activating' the scent oils throughout the day

For a limited time, watch my segment online here

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