Friday, June 7, 2013

Review of my Drug Store Products this Week

I'm reviewing the following drug store products this week (as mentioned in an earlier post)

Revlon's Lash Potion Mascara (I grabbed a brown/black this time)

Revlon's Photo Ready Kajal Brightening Pencil

L'Oreal's Sublime Sun Clear Spray in SPF 30 (avail in SPF 50 also)

The Revlon products were buy one get one 50% off at Walgreens this week, so I decided to try the brand again, I haven't liked a single Revlon product except for the Just Bitten Stain Crayons, which are one of the best stains EVER created (and they are under $10, so I literally have EVERY color)

So I started with this dual ended pencil, I grabbed the purple reign shade, and I was really intrigued that there was a second pencil side with a white liner to brighten the eyes.  We've all tried that trick, but I felt I was more apt to do it daily if all I had to do was flip the pencil around.

So I did the line on the lower rim

and it did brighten and it did glide on pretty smooth (super easy and fool proof)

But when I went for the other end, I thought something was wrong - because the product was so 'rough' and I had to push very hard to get a good solid line of color.  I also felt the color was washed out.  I think that this is common with some drug store brands, because to keep the products in a reasonable price range, they do have to use less pigments than say, Urban Decay (ahhh-mazing eye pencils in a higher price range)

I will say this, the color DID stay on (maybe cause I had to apply 300 lines of it?!) for 12+ hours with no smudging or running.  That I did like (not so much the brightening line, that faded quick because of the moist lower rim of the eye)

- Inexpensive ($8)
- Dual-ended pencil means you get more and its convenient
- Color lasted well past 12 hours

- Dry pencil, had to press hard on the eye
- Not much pigment, color is not vibrant

Revlon's Lash Potion was the other product I grabbed in the special, I was eager to try it since I saw it at Ulta when it was new, because

1.  I love anything that has to do with Emma Stone (good call making her model your stuff - she is perfection!)

2. They were promising that this special 'triangle' brush was going to be the next fab thing in mascara wands

I picked up brown/black because sometimes I don't always want a bold black mascara, and this shade was a great shade, it was very natural looking and not ashy.  However, when trying to use the brush (its been a week) I am just so miserable.  The angles of it are all wrong. and it does not apply well

I dunno, I just don't like it.

- inexpensive ($8)
- Good color pigmentation
- Color didn't run under the eyes

- Brush is awkward to apply
- Didn't make lashes look dramatic

Ok fine, perhaps I am a sucker for products when there is a fab spokesperson - because since I saw JLo modelling the L'Oreal Sublime Sun line, I was needing to try something, and I was SURE that it was going to be the spritz oil

But when I saw the aerosol clear spray ($12), I decided to go for it, because I honestly don't love that oily feel when its really hot out

and I have to say, this is BY FAR the best SPF Spray I have EVER used.  It goes on completely light and clear, and its provides great protection.  In fact, it isn't sticky at all, I can spray on last second before getting dressed and it works great!  I'm looking forward to trying the whole line

- Totally clear
- leaves no residue or greasy feel
- Provides all the protection you need (Broad Spectrum)


Those are my drug store buys this week!  Tune in for more in 2 weeks, because next week's posts will be all about The Makeup Show Chicago!

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