Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Blushing!

Well, I'm blushing for BLUSH that is...the color!  I am totally (recently) obsessed with everything blush-toned - from fashion to cosmetics!  I'm itching to paint a wall that color I am so into it (sorry hubby)

It's not just the perfect bridesmaid color

But it is amazing in every day fashion too

Seriously, I am ordering this tie for my hubby

It will look classic with a grey or white shirt AND it isn't pinky-pink, so he won't feel like its girly!

Blush pinks have a wide range, because they can lean toward fuchsia or peach

And I love them with browns

Or brights

This would probably be the ideal shade

when wearing it for makeup - you can monotone it, so you're using the same shade for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails

Boost up the eye look with a bit of grey shadow and a wider range of pink

I love this step by step I found from a another blog on creating that blush pink eye look, but adding that but of grey to 'smoke' it up a bit.  The look still stays 'sweet' and pure, but emphasizes the eyes so you don't look washed out (I would also consider using a brown or grey-tone mascara, as black might be too harsh)

With this look you really want to get the apples of your cheeks with this peachy-pink color

The #1 selling blush of all time is NARS Orgasm, which is the quintessential peachy-pink blush

(Sephora and NARS counters in Lord & Taylor)
There is also 'Super Orgasm" (hello!) that is amped up with shimmer, if you prefer more of a highlighting type of blush (I prefer the original) ($24 and up)

For a less expensive blush with a 'dewy' finish, try Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush ($8)

There is a 'rose petal' that has the soft blush tone that works for lighter skin, if your skin is more olive or deeper, check out 'pink plum'

Make sure you are applying to the apples of your cheeks

if your face is rounder, you can 'cut in' your cheek bones with a but of bronzer, but applying in the hollow of the cheek bone (make a kissy face to find them) this will help give you some dimension and not make the face appear fuller or rounder

Use a smaller angled brush to get more precise application, rather than a fuller brush which is more for 'dusting'

The result:

Since you can really go in any range with the eyes, from keeping it very pink to subduing the pink with greys or browns - you can pick up any natural tone palette and get a great look (like I showed above)

Check out Too Faced's Boudoir Beauty Palette

The lip color will bring this all together, and there are obviously a zillion choices!  I like a semi-glossy lipstick or one of the popular moisturizing lip shines out there

For a well-worth-it splurge, check out YSL's #13 ($32), which is super hydrating, while actually lightly staining the lips to help keep the color on longer.  I don't know what is more luxurious about this product, the glam case it comes in, or the incredibly delicious scent of the product!!!

OR, check out Revlon's "Peach Parfait" in their lip butter collection ($8)

The color is very sheer and doesn't last long, but the product IS moisturizing, so your lips won't mind the constant re-application.  I also like that its not super glossy, its a very natural shine.

I'll be wearing this sweet a soft 'blush' trend ASAP!!! 

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