Monday, June 17, 2013

Gift Ideas at $10, $25, and $50

Got a birthday for your best pal coming up?  Or how about you have a friend that could just use a cheer-up present - well I have a couple of awesome gift ideas for the woman in your life that likes cosmetics (hello - that can be yourself too!)

$50 - "Bite Beauty - 15 Shades of Sephora"
Bite Beauty - 15 Shades Of Sephora
Your best gal pal will never go without the PERFECT shade of gloss again when you give her this indulgent kit that highlights the most popular lip colors of the past 15 years, with Bite Beauty (all natural!) lip colors!

These sexy glosses have enough staying power to get you through an hour or two, and they are ultra moisturizing (not sticky or heavy)

$25 - Lash Stash by Sephora
Sephora Favorites - Lash Stash To Go

Never let your friend search high and low for the perfect mascara again!  No ma'am!  Not only will she love trying these deluxe sample sizes of Sephora's top selling mascaras (5 types) BUT she will also have a voucher inside for a full size of her favorite!  All for $25!  This is an awesome gift to send via mail and perfect for bridesmaids or a bride getting prepped for her big day!

$10 - Marchesa's New Parfum D'extase Rollerball
This glam scent will perfectly brighten her day, fit in her purse, and won't break yours!

$10 - Stila's Rockin' Rio Palette
Stila - Rockin' In Rio Travel Palette
This travel palette has everything she could need for a getaway with these sea-inspired shades and the perfect blush for when you have a tan!!! 

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