Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dry Shampoo - The Basics

Thanks for tuning in today for my segment on "Second Day Hair" here are some Questions and Answers I get a lot when it comes to Dry Shampoo

Q: What made you want to not wash your hair every day?

A: I spend a lot on hair care, color, cuts, trims, styling products, etc.  I also love my longer length and want to keep it healthy.  Suds-ing up with shampoo daily isn't necessary, in fact, for many people it dries my hair out and the color washes out (slowly) right with it!  I also wanted to find a way to save time and use less heat styling

Q: But doesn't your hair look like a dirty grease ball?

A: No, not at all, its actually shiner and more manageable on the second day!  I will say this, at FIRST it was too greasy, but that is because I was washing my hair daily, so the scalp was rushing to replenish all the natural (healthy) hair oils that I was stripping away, it was over producing it actually.  After a week or two, my hair stopped being greasy on the second day.  Now I can easily go three days, whereas I used to be oily by the first night after a shampoo!  You can train your scalp to stop producing so much oil over time

Q: But what if I am one of those people with a VERY oily scalp, and this trick doesn't work on me - I basically have to go for a pony tail half way through the day!

A; Dry shampoo is still your friend, use it as a oil zapper and refresher during the day, even if you're shampooing daily!

Q:  What if I have extremely dry hair?

A: Clearly, the less heat styling you can do the better.  In the shower, try only shampooing every few days, you can wet hair and apply conditioner to the ends daily.  Let air dry and use dry shampoo at the roots to lift hair.  Also consider using Argon oil on your hair to seal in natural oils and smooth the hair follicle.  You should speak to your stylist about getting trims more often!

Q: How do I apply it?

A: Part your hair as you normally would and lift sections of hair and spray at the roots

make sure you keep the can at least a few inches away and don't over saturate the hair.  It may look white and powdery, consistently shake can between sprays, then massage into scalp until that powder finish is gone.  You can tease a but at the roots, use some shine spray (not too much) or some light flexible hairspray to set style.  For third day hair, I like to go for a teased pony tail!

Q: Any other uses for Dry Shampoo?

A: Yes!  If you over apply styling products, especially shine serum, you can get rid of the buildup with a dry shampoo, less is more.

Q:  What kind do I buy?

A: I've tried over 20 dry shampoos, and my picks are as follows

For Any Hair Type - Any Use
Batiste Dry Shampoo $8 (Ulta, Salon Pro Shops at Destiny)

This is my #1 of all time favorite!  I always pick up a can of the root concealing (see below) one in a scent (for refreshing during the day or after eating in a smelly restaurant!) and a can of plain unscented original!

For the Ultra Budget Conscious
Treseme Fresh Start Line - $3 (Drug Stores, Ulta) This is the cheapest version I could find that still worked ok.  Its not the best, but it will work if you're really on a tight budget!

Best for Giving Roots Major Volume & to Combine with Teasing
Serge Normant Meta Volume Dry Shampoo $25

This dry shampoo goes on very wet without a powder finish, after a minute or two it starts to 'harden' a bit and you rub into scalp and then use a teasing comb to gently tease roots and get some serious volume - there is no other product like it for absorbing oil and giving lift!  The scent is just so-so

To conceal your roots
Batiste Dry Shampoo in various colors $8

I've start using the blond when my highlights get a bit grown out, as we all know, our hair appears oilier when our roots show on lighter hair.  The dark worked well on a bit of grey coming in!

Best Loose Hair Powder
Lulu Organics Hair Powder ($10 for travel, $30 for full size & it lasts a long time!)

The advantage to loose is that you can massage it into scalp deeper, and get more coverage.  I like to tap in into sections of exposed roots and then massage in with my fingers.  Works best with very oily hair and can also be used as a teasing powder

Step by Step Guide:

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