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How to Spend $33 and get a BUNCH of Cosmetics AND a brush set!

E.L.F (eyes, lips, face y'all!) started out as a SUPER CHEAP, like $1 and $3 cosmetics brand and it also started as a vending machine concept!

and now they have opened their first retail location in NYC!!!! (aside from being online and in various grocery & drugstores)

One time, years ago, I forgot my makeup brush bag on the way to a prom makeover and I panicked - I randomly saw the display of $1 and $3 products and they had brushes!

So I grabbed one of every brush (and still didn't spend $20!) thinking that if I throw them away (cause they have to be crap right?) after - who cares?!

Ok, so they didn't hold a candle to Chanel, Sephora or Japonesque brushes (that I love!) but they also didn't fall apart and barely shed!  WHAT?!  Could it be true?

Based on the brushes, I decided to go on the site and spend $20 and see if any of the cosmetic products were decent and I some were awful and went right in the trash - but most of it was good.

Fast forward another year, I actually looked at an email from them in my inbox (they send about one a week with specials once you sign up on the site) and it was a steal I couldn't pass up- and I noticed that they expanded their product line with TONS of new stuff and even some HD (high def quality) makeup - so I tried things out again!  And I really liked what I was using.

Since then, I've purchased from them a over 10 times and I've tried essentially every product they have and I've weeded it out for my followers so you know what is a great cheap find and what's not even worth the $3!!!!


From now until June 26th, you can spend $30 and you get a brush set for $3.  They are mid-quality line that they carry (not the ultra cheap ones) and although they aren't my favorite brushes, I do like having extras (don't care if you loose them when travelling and make great extras for lots of makeup appointments in a row for me!) and they are decent enough that if you are in need of some brush upgrades and you're on a budget- you won't find this quality at this dirt cheap price anywhere!

Check this out
You're getting these for $3 with your purchase

(check out another blog post coming soon where I explain to you what to use and how from this set!)

SO, how should you spend your $30?  I've got all the picks right here!!!!

$6 HD Finishing Powder

I've used Make Up For Ever and Tarte transparent finishing powder and have spent tons on it, this $6 version from elf rivals the quality and you get 2x as much! 

hint: use your Powder Brush from your $3 kit to dab and 'press' powder into your shinier/oilier areas (T zone)

$3 Angled Eyeliner Brush

You need this as a staple in your kit, it perfect applies cream/gel eyeliner or wet shadow on the lash line!

$3 Cream Blush and Bronze Duo
Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream

OMG!!!!!!!!!!  forget it, just buy 10 of these to get to $30 because its so amazing and you'll love it!  Ok, perhaps you just start with one, but you get my point - right?!

This super creamy (but NOT greasy) peachy-pink blush looks amazing on EVERYONE I've ever used it on, it really perks up the apples of cheeks!  Not only that, but then I use the creamy bronze shade to contour the cheek area, how I apply:

Oh, and guess what?  Its almost the EXACT same shade as the $32 NARS compact!!!!

WARNING:  you only need the tiniest bit of this product to add color!

$3 HD Gel Blush
HD Blush
ALSO only need a tiny, and I mean tiny bit of this product to add to your cheeks

I picked up the darkest shade and its this powerful plum/berry color called "Showstopper" that is super fun!  But if you're into more natural looks, try the shade "Headliner"

$3 Makeup Mist & Set
Makeup Mist & Set
This will come in super handy when you want to set your makeup on a humid day or just for every day!  Polymers act like a shield and seal in makeup!

$3 Daily Brush Cleaner (spray)
Daily Brush Cleaner
This spray is lightweight and unscented and works great for a daily spritz, rub and whola - your brush is (mostly) clean!  If you're bad about cleaning your brushes and you might be more apt to do it with a spray like this!

$3 Lip Exfoliator
Lip Exfoliator
I've used so many lip exfoliator products over the years - none are as convenient (love that they thought to actually make it like applying lipstick) or smell as good!  I have been using this almost daily since I got it to remove dry/dead skin from the lip area.  I noticed my lipstick glides on and doesn't flake - this is especially critical when applying dark/bold colors or drier formulas, like stains.

$6 Primer
Mineral Infused Face Primer
This primer is very decent for the price and I like using it for travel or keeping in a gym bag/etc because it gets the job done - but is no frills (if you're a primer addict and like higher end brands - this prob won't make you happy, but you won't hate it!)

There you have it!  For $33 you're getting 12 brushes, blush, contouring cream set, primer, powder, makeup setting mist and a lip exfoliator!  I think you'll be thrilled with your bargain finds and it ends up being $.60 cents EACH ITEM!  C'mon now!  You can live with that!!!!

Comment on how you liked your items!

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