Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neon and Nude Mani!

While randomly searching for some half-moon manicure ideas to use my fav neon color with (chartruse)

I discovered a really cool color combo trend that I am going to do ASAP!  I love it!  Its Neon + Nude manicures!

First I saw this

Use Hole Punch Stickers to Get the Look

and then it made me think of one of my favorite pairs of shoes

and I decided to research it further!  Check out some of the awesome Neon + Nude Manicures I've found!

(try Orly's manicure tape strips to make this look super easy and flawless!)

(Look at those adorable decals!)

Just a stripe of the neon, no tape or guide needed

Ombre fade using a sponge

(love this look and how they paired Zoya's Pixie Dust with it!)

(You can totally free-hand this if you go slow!)

(Love it with grey instead of black!)

(Another free-hand look)

(I'll admit that I tried this one, and failed, but I will try again!)

So there you have it!  Some Neon and Nude (and a few other sprinkled in)

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