Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disney Ariel Makeup Collection Coming Soon to Sephora

The third of the Princesses to be a part of the Disney/Sephora themed makeup collection is Ariel (my fav Disney Princess movie, my second fav actual Princess - hello - Sleeping Beauty was the BEST!)

And its just in time for fresh summer looks of aqua, lilac and sea foam (obvi!)
Sephora Ariel Collection

Sephora went BIG on these collections, by offering matching fragrances as well!  The jasmine collection had more than one!

The must have from all the collections, if you can only pick one thing, is certainly the (full) eye shadow palette, because the colors are all unique and bold, I was actually blown away by the Jasmine one, the pigments were very true!

Sephora Large Shadow Palette - Ariel

Look at the range of color you'll get with the Ariel one, you have all of summer covered with these shades!

There is also a smaller eye kit that is really more in tune with the Ariel look of those pale sea-inspired colors
Sephora Ariel Shadow Compact
(don't hate on that matte green- its super pretty on the eye!)

The lip products in these collections don't do anything for me personally, I didn't pick up a single one in any of the Princess colors, but they do have some glosses (actually a perfect inexpensive gift for a Disney lover or young teen)
Sephora Ariel Glosses

There are also six nail colors, which they show in some AMAZING nail art here (even I don't think I can replicate that - and nail art is my forte!)
Ariel Themed Nail Art
Sephora Ariel Nail Color Collection

I realize that ultra-detailed pocket mirrors are not popular with the last few generations, but I LOVE a great classic purse/pocket mirror that is JUST a mirror - not one that is part of a powder, etc.  One thing I LOVE that the branding and product development team stuck to, was each Princess collection had a collectible pocket mirror, and I thought Cinderella's was the best before
Cinderella's Mirror

But now I am kinda loving the eerie look to Ariel's and the scene from them in the boat in the middle!  If you were a fan of the movie as a young girl, I think you can appreciate it!
Ariel's Mirror

In case you wanted to see, here was Jasmine's
Jasmine's Mirror

a quick recap of the looks we've seen, first with Cinderella, which was perfectly timed with last season's weddings!

then Jasmine

and now Ariel

Which I feel is personified by the stunning Isla Fisher (they should have used her as the model!)

So, will there be MORE

or will they end it with Ariel?  I feel like they HAVE to do Belle or maybe they will do Snow White for Winter 2013?  Of course, I would prefer it be Sleeping Beauty and everything be either blue or pink, just like at the end of the movie!!!

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