Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spotlight on: Ole Henriksen

I recently told you about Ole Henriksen's Invigorating Night Gel, which is my all-time favorite skin care product, but I would like to highlight some of his other amazing products that I LOVE - all of them are ALL NATURAL, which means they are free of chemicals, perfumes, dyes, and parabins.  Amazing!

Even if you can't get to Los Angeles to get a spa treatment at his famed spa, you can certainly get the benefits of his well-priced and perfectly formulated line of products.
Ole Henriksen studied at Christine Shaw Beauty College in the 70s and by the mid-80s he was THE sought-after facialist!  His book "Ole Henriksen's Seven Day Skincare Program" [1986] was a HUGE success in conjunction with the launch of his best-known products, such as Cucumber Facial Toner.

Obviously, there are MANY products to choose from in his color-coded skincare lines, but I will give you my favorite pics!

You can read more and check out Ole's blog at

Eye Cream:

I recently purchased Total Truth Eye Cream SPF 15

It's creamy and gave my eye area amazing hydration.  It smells amazing (which is a natural smell, there are no perfumes or dyes in his products!).  The SPF 15 is an added benefit, because it protects the thin skin around the eye area from premature aging!  It retails for $45, and is worth every penny!


My first Ole Henriksen purchase was the Apricot Cleansing Lotion, which is for normal to dry skin.  It was winter time and my skin was in rough shape, I felt like my current cleanser was stripping my face.  So I gave this a try because I like the consistency (received a sample from Sephora and tried it and was amazed!) 
apricot cleansing lotion$21 at Sephora or on

Once springtime hit and my skin was oilier from the warmer temperatures, I decided to try his best-selling cleanser that has received countless awards for excelling in the all-natural and anti-aging category, his African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser
Winner of 2009's Natural Health Beauty Award, and an amazing cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities completely, leaving skin feeling soft, not stripped.  Contains, vitamin C, African red tea, and tangerine extract!  Works on all skin types.

(hint:  go to and you can purchase a travel size for $9!  What a perfect way to try this amazing product!)


For dry, stressed or sensitive skin (amazing in the winter for combination skin) is the Nurture Me Cream
nurture methis cream smells like orange sherbet (yum!) and instantly sooths and hydrates skin without a greasy feel.

The perfect moisturizer for all skin types is his Sheer Transformation Cream
sheer transformationthis amazing cream actually fades sun spots and acne scars over time!


roll-on blemish attackHis Roll-On Blemish Attack is amazing at treating acne spots.  The benzoyl peroxide combined with zinc is a natural bacteria killer that reduces the duration of your blemishes!  AND it rolls on, which is fast and easy!


His Truth Serum Collagen Booster (a vitamin C powerhouse) is exactly what the Dr. ordered to keep skin looking youthful!
truth serum collagen boosterWinner of this year's Natural Beauty Awards, this product will not disappoint!  You will see results immediately, in the texture, tone and hydration of your skin!

(Another hint!  Ole Henriksen loves minis and travel sizes, and he offers three of his best products in an amazing kit!  You can try the invigorating night gel (my favorite product!) the sheer transformation moisturizer AND the truth serum in one awesome kit for $70!!!!)
"Three Little Wonders" kit available on Ole's website or
AND, if you go to Ole's website, you can even sample smaller sizes of these products for only $35!
3 little wonders MINI box

Body Care:

Ole Henriksen doesn't want you to forget body care, to keep your back, chest, arms, etc looking as great as your face, he has assembled his 4 most popular spa products in a great kit!
SPA ON THE GO you get body wash, scrub, lotion and body oil to make your skin look amazing at all times!  Check it out at

There you have it, my all-time favorite skin care line!  Treat yourself to a kit or some mini-sizes to get to know the line (or go to Sephora and ask for a free sample of a cleanser and moisturizer!) and you will see why this line is so amazing that celebrities and others flock to his spa to receive his treatments!

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