Monday, August 8, 2011

Incredibly Bright!

Givenchy's Brightening Blush has been featured in every woman's magazine in the last 2 months, I keep seeing those signature 4 squares of color and I say, "Ro - you have to try that!"

I finally did, and I concluded 2 things:
1.  It's amazing
2.  I have the same exact colors from Chanel from 2007's summer collection (sweet!)

Seeing as how #2 is totally irrelevant to you (unless I'm doing your makeup!) I will go back to #1

Givenchy's LePrisme Blush Glow in Lune Rosee is $44 and available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Sephora and some Lord & Taylor Stores (not Syracuse) and its an amazing 4 color palette that brightens cheeks and creates a gorgeous flush that works best on fair to medium tones.

As seen below (courtesy of you can use all 4 colors for brightening, or you can use the completing colors (see the "X" in the figure below) to add depth

Not sure you are up for the splurge?  Try Too Faced's brightening blush in "La Vie En Rose"

Which sells for $20 at Ulta!

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