Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Hottest Selling Eyeshadow Right Now

Laura Mercier has been wowing her clients as a makeup artist for two decades, and when she launched her own line nine years ago - she was an even bigger success!  The French artist is well known for her tinted moisturizer, but her most recent line of baked mineral eye shadows caught the attention of the mainstream- and her best seller, "Black Karat" is am amazing natural mineral shadow that gives the ultimate pearly smokey eye!

Baked Eye Colour - Wet/Dry
Black Karat is a super blendable color that looks amazing on everyone ($22 Sephora) and it is also formulated as a wet/dry shadow.  Wet/dry means you can wear it dry (like a regular shadow application) for a softer look, or you can apply with a wet brush (I prefer q-tip actually) to intensify the pigments.

The softer [dry] look is gorgeous and subtle, and I would recommend it for anyone

Look at the difference in the intensity of the shade from wet to dry

There are 5 other colors in the baked minerals shadow line that range from neutral to peacock!

Get on the black karat bandwagon and give this one a try, its luxurious and will take you through fall and winter!

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