Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are you applying blush correctly?

Hello beauty divas!!!  Sometimes I notice that women are not tailoring their blush application to best compliment their facial here is a quick and fresh reminder as to how to compliment your face shape when applying blush.

First, determine your face shape...there are typically 5 shapes

Long, square, round, heart, oval

Also, consider this your guideline for applying highlighter as well!

for Long shaped, apply blush directly on the apples of cheeks (the roundest part) and don't sweep the color back towards your ears

for Square shaped, (not as common, because its a broader feature that is more masculine) you apply blush in a small area on the front of your face, on the bottom half of the apples of your cheeks to create more rounded features.

for Round shaped, angle the blush color up towards the ears, but apply it on the bottom half of cheeks (on the under-side of the cheekbone)

for Heart shaped (awww...) you apply blush to the outer apples of your cheeks, and not back towards your ears or high on your cheekbone.
perhaps the most famous heart-shaped face is Reese Witherspoon

and finally, for Oval shaped faces, the best blush application is the type that will add dimension, so you sweep blush on the cheekbone and upwards towards the ears

Here is a quick summary of the face shape and application

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