Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get Summer Out of Your System: Part 1

Soon we will be in pre-fall mode, and one stroll through the mall and you will be itching to wear cable-knit tights, corduroy and cashmere!  Hey-we wait all winter for summer but how soon we forget it when we see argyle, right?

So here is a 5 part series on what makeup looks to get out of your [summer] system before its fall and its time to put away these colors and trends!

Part 1:  Lime Green Eyes

Once fall is here, this summer shade is OUT, so bust it out now!  Here is how to rock-it!

"wash" lids with a shimmery and light lime green shadow, and line with a black or grey liner (never brown with bright green!)

Remember to conceal the under-eye area well, and if you like bold color, you can line under the eyes with the lime green as well.

To create more dimension, place a darker green (subtle, like an olive) in the crease of the eye.  This will make the look more "daytime"

For completing the look, nudes and corals compliment lime green, so choose those shades for lips and cheeks

Lime green is fun, punky, and hot right now!  Especially with white!

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