Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get Kristin Stewart's Look from W Magazine

Kristin Stewart is starting to promote the latest installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn Part #1, so she did a totally sexy and glam photo shoot in the most fashionable magazine out there, W Magazine.

Kristin looks amazing in this spread, and I certainly prefer her look form the shoot to her normal grunge style:

The best shot is defiantly of those amazing kohl-lined eyes, which is inspiring my tip today!

the beauty tool is a Kajal eyeliner, which is a deep, kohl pointed liner

With a Kajal eyeliner, you can get a fine line on the lower lash line:

as well as a defined thick line on the upper lid.  I like the look best when its a clean harsh line.  But some Kajal liners will also smudge, which is great for creating the ultimate smokey eye!

clean, harsh line vs smudged smokey line

Kajal liners don't just come in black, but other deep colors (I love the grey shade! - it's great for beginners!)

Here are some of the most popular looks that can be achieved with this unique, creamy kohl liner:

The winged-eye

You can start with the pointed end facing out towards your temple, and draw it halfway across the lid, then finish the other half of the line from the inside corner to where you left off, this will give you a subtle wing:

OR, you can essentially draw a triangle with the point of the liner at the outer corner of the eye, fill it in and then line the lash line as thick as you desire.  This gives a very dramatic winged eye (one to practice BEFORE you need to head out the door!)

The NEWEST trend in eyeliner is the double-wing, which achieved the same way, adding drama by the length of the wing and the thickness of the line:

to make this look defined, but without the ultimate drama (as some of the photos above) here are two tips:
1.  Keep the eyeshadow color a neutral taupe or tan
2.  Don't line the entire lower lash line, just the outer corner

Where to buy:

To Splurge, try Guerlain's Kajal Liner (Sephora $36)

To Steal, try Victoria's Secret Kajal Liner ($15, limited edition in black only)

For the best color selection (and great for beginners) try these $6 versions from "Styli-Style Kajal"

Some more shots from Kristin's spread:

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