Sunday, June 26, 2011

Perfect Lip Color for a Wedding!

Truth be told, when you're a bridesmaid in a are generally so busy that your lip gloss you applied while getting ready has probably worn off 3 hours ago after the champagne toast!  Who has time to re-apply?

But to keep your look glam all night (and to look great in photos and make your bride proud) consider a lip stain product that also gives you some shine!

What I'm trying now is Revlon's "Just Bitten" stain and gloss in Passion ($7.99 at Drug and Grocery Stores)

I chose that color because Jessica Biel looked so amazing in the ad for the product in that color, that I had to have it!

What's unique about this product (as one blogger I found below discovered) is that it is enhanced by the balm that is on the other end of the product

The balm also makes lips feel smooth, rather than cracked or dry as some stains can do!

And a stain is meant to do just that, stain the skin on your lips with color, so that through drinking, eating and talking, your lips remain beautiful!  (at least enough that your lips won't dissapear in photos)

For tips and tricks on lip stains from Revlon, click:

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