Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Future of Lash Extensions

Ladies, be prepared to have your mind blown, because the future of eye lash extensions is HERE!

It's "LashDip" which is a semi-permanent treatment that mimics the look of mascara for up to SIX WEEKS!

Dubbed "the modern woman's mascara" LashDip promises six weeks of amazing lashed with no makeup hassle!  LashDip eyelashes are:

-Long and curled

It WILL hurt your wallet however, at about $200-$300 for the initial application!  The LashDip site recommends having a "refresh" performed halfway through the six weeks, and you will have to apply a "lash seal" every 2-3 days to keep the product looking its best.

The testimonials are amazing, women are loving this service!

Where can you find it?  There is one technician in Syracuse:


Syracuse, New York
Mariska van Emmerik
Free call 855-MARISKAS (627-4752)

The next closest to Syracuse is the Luxe Spa in Rochester:

Luxe Spa

2541 Monroe Ave
Rochester, Ny 14618
Katie Lee

LashDip also works in conjunction with lash-growing products (like prescription Latisse)!!

Read more about it at:

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  1. Wow...I know a lot of women will love it and make her happy after the procedure. I this affordable?