Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Expandable Mascara Brush?! Its HOT!

With women demanding more and more out of their mascara (long-wearing, lengthening, volumizing, darkening, thickening, lash growing...etc) its no wonder the market is flooded with all types of mascaras and promises!

But today I am telling you about a promise that delivers!!  Its one of my all time favorite lines, the BUXOM line from Bare Essentuals!

Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara

Their new mascara has an expandable brush, which offers the wearer more flexibility in their application!  The brush expands easily with a twist of the applicator!

Fully expanded:  Gives you major volume for allowing more product to coat the lashes!

Retracted:  Gives you more definition and separation by combing lashes thoroughly.

I actually like to do a coat for volume then create definition with a second coat with the brush retracted!  Its also a great product for day to night makeup looks!

The product only comes in a jet black shade, BUT if you purchase it at Sephora this week you get a free Buxom lips gloss deluxe sample!

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