Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to: Apply Eye Cream

The eye area is sensitive and the skin is thinner and more translucent (hence some of us are plagued by dark circles!).  I am going to give you some tips for applying eye cream, in order to maximize the benefits of the application and to treat that sensitive skin area with care!

When measuring how much eye cream to use, no more than a pea-size amount is necessary:

to start, dab the product lightly around the lower eye area, near the orbital bone

lightly TAP and blend with your fingertip (ring finger usually works best!)

-pull or tug on the eye area
-use too much pressure while applying
-apply to the eye lid (unless directions permit it)
-apply too close to lower lash line

 Why we need eye cream:
-The skin around the eye area doesn't product oil.  This lack of moisture causes the skin to show wrinkles faster than other areas of the face
-Eye creams with SPF or Anti-oxidants can prevent sun damage and discoloration
-The cream can create a better base for concealer

Stay tuned for my recommendations for eye cream products!

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