Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Girls Know that Size DOES Matter!

Oh, I was talking about how much hair product to use...what were YOU talking about?!  hahahhaaa!

Anyway, just a quick reminder about the approximate amount of hair product you should be using to avoid greasy or sticky hair!

Davide Torchio of the Davide Torchio Salon in NYC had a great size scale you can use!

Shine Serum

Serum should always be rubbed between your palms before distributing to dry hair, and a blueberry sized amount should be enough to cover your strands!

Straightening Balm or Styling Cream

Balms and creams should be about the size of a strawberry (unless your hair is shorter than shoulder length, then use less) and should be applied to damp hair evenly before blow drying.


Your favorite mousse (yes, people still use it!) should be about the size of an apricot or plum and applied to damp hair, starting at the roots

My product recommendations:

Shine Serum:  I love Fekkai's Technician Color Care Serum ($20 for Travel Size).  Its called a glaze because it prevents color from fading with a UV top coat.  It smooths the hair cuticle and smells great!

Straightening Balm:  John Freida's "3 Day Straight" Spray ($9.99 at Drugstores)

When used with a flat iron, you get days of super sleek hair (use the serum with it!)

Styling Cream:  I LOVE Moroccan Oil in all my hair products, but I especially love Moroccan Oil's Styling Cream ($24 at Beauty Retailers such as Trade Secret and

This hydrating cream is perfect to apply on damp hair before blow drying.  The natural and organic oils keep hair looking amazing, even with lots of styling abuse!

Mousse:  Tresemme 24 Hour Body Mousse ($3 at Drug Stores)

Its a bargain buy that gives a subtle lift to roots!

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