Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping your eye makeup looking perfect all day!

How do you keep your eye makeup looking fresh and smudge-free?  I have two great tips for you!

1.  Before you apply eye makeup the eye area needs to be clean, this means that all traces of [oil-based] makeup remover need to be washed away, AND your eye cream should be applied under the eye area but not touching lashes (the cream will cause the eye makeup to run).

2.  Keep a touchup product handy in your purse, such as Almay's Makeup Eraser Sticks! ($5.99 at drug stores)

These small one time use Q-tips are filled with a low-oil makeup remover.  You simple snap one end and the other fills with the remover!  Swipe your smudges away (especially under the eye) and you suddenly have a fresh look!

A great all-natural option is also the Bare Essentuals' Eye Makeup Remover Swabs

These sell at Sephora, Ulta and the BE Store for $5

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