Saturday, June 25, 2011

For those that can't help but pick at their polish

For those of you with natural nails that pick and peel their nail polish, or even if you love wearing nail polish but after a few chips you never seem to find time to remove the polish and re-do, listen up!  I've got a great product for you!

Its Sula Peel off Nail Color!

These "Paint and Peel" Nail Colors are like 'makeup for your nails' and peel off easily when you are sick of the color or experience chipping!

These $9 dual-ended polish colors come with a top coat to increase the life of the color

the colors in the "paint and Peel" collection are great for summer

But there is also the original formula in individual bottles

Sula claims that both formulas are considerably easy to peel off in one strip

which would mean changing up your color would be a snap!  I can see this being a fun product that you can keep in your purse for impromptu color swapping!  What a great gift for teens too!!!

My favorite color is "Dove"

I love the grey shade, it works with all skin tones!

Available at Ulta stores and on for under $10!

Also launching this month (the 27th) is Sula's line of cosmetics for $8 and under!

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