Friday, June 24, 2011

Head to the "Brow Bar" for Your Next Birthday!

That's Benefit's Brow Bar actually!

Benefit Cosmetics has special brow bars set up nationwide, and on your birthday (when you show ID) you get a free brow shaping consultation with one of their experts!

You'll be amazed at the tips, techniques and products for making your brows look GORGEOUS!

The trip to a brow bar is worth it even if its not your birthday, because you can really update your look with a brow makeover!

I learned a great highlighting technique for the brow bone to enhance my arch, by using Benefit's "High Brow" pencil ($20 at Ulta)

So, where can YOU get this awesome service?  For Syracuse residents, the Ulta in Fairmount is your closest brow bar:
ULTA - Fairmount Fair Brow Bar
3541 West Genesee Street
Camillus , NY 13031

for everyone else, click on this link to search:

Brow shaping isn't just based on some one's opinion of your brows!  Its based on a technique that measures the optimal length and arch of your brows to compliment your face!

And remember, shaped eye brows are back in style!  Take a look at these celebrities' shapes!

Keira Knightly, enhances her features with soft brows

Look at the perfect balance that was achieved for her face!

Angelina Jolie's technician has obviously mastered her arch:

But by far, the brows I envy most in Hollywood right now are Camilla Belle's!  She has made the heavy brow sexy again!

Bravo for Brows!!!!!!!!!!

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