Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Favorite Eyeliner - Thanks Me-Shell

My BFF Me-Shell introduced me to another outstanding cosmestic creation from Bare Essentuals, specifically in their "Buxom" line!


I've already raved to you about their Big and Healthy 'Lip Stick' that has a minty taste and a plumping agent that makes lips perfectly colored and lined in one swipe

But now they have an eyeliner in some AMAZING colors, and the application is foolproof!

The product is called "Insider Eyeliner" and the jewel-tone shades will make your eyes POP!  My favorite feature is that you can always keep this creamy formula sharp for perfect lines with the built in sharpener!

I also love the color selection!  Of course you have your basic black, but for only $14, you can't resist but to pick up another color!  Our choice is "Emerald"

Its the perfect olive green to work with any look in browns, greens or tans!

For a twist on basic black, there is "Black Jasper" which has metallic shine to it!

Black Jasper

Available at Sephora stores and online, they are certainly one to try!

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