Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Weather Hair Style - The "Low Bun"

When the temps are rising, the thought of a blow dryer is downright brutal!

So I have a great hair style to try, the "low bun"!  It can be done many ways, but my fav is a 'stright out of the shower' version where hair is slicked back with a gel and secured into a bun.  Its easy and quick, and you can look glam!

as you can see, the sleek bun goes great with any part (side, middle or slicked back)

For even more fun, add a flower or jeweled hair pin!

Other low bun styles can be pulled off with dry hair.  I suggest giving "one day old" hair texture with a dry shampoo spray on the roots, then a light teasing of the roots.

twist hair back and secure with pins

remember, flyaways and loose strands can make the hair style look natural, if your hair is dry when you are styling, the loose bun is the way to go!

Run a shine serum over the hair once its pulled back to tame frizz.

Work it out, and let your neck breathe!

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