Saturday, May 7, 2011

The World's Best Bronzer - Get it While You Can!

Chanel's "Soleil de Chanel" graduated bronzing powder was just re-released, and you better get to a counter NOW to get one!  They are in limited quantities, although I don't know why they torture us that way!

The graduated bronzer ensures that you get a fabulous blend of bronzing color, and the pigments they use are a true bronzer that flatter EVERY skin tone!

The brush also is dual-sided, with a stiffer bristle on one side for a heavier application of color on the cheeks, or a softer bristle on the flip side for an all over application!  You only get that type of perfection in a product from the World's leader in glam cosmetics, Chanel!

I prefer the coral over the rose

But I suggest the rose shade (the pinker hue on the bottom) for those with very fair skin.

If you can't find one left in Syracuse (I believe Macy's only has about 5 left) you can purchase this $50 (worth it!) compact directly from Chanel for a VERY limited time

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