Monday, May 23, 2011

The product that saved me this weekend!

I had missed a few days of self tanning my legs, then after the scrubbing from my spa pedicure, my legs had un-even blotchy tan patches from what was left...yuck!  I was not prepared to wear stockings to a wedding outside on a hot I reached in my cabinet and used my trusty Clear Tan gel! 

How have I not blogged to you about this before?!?!  My mother got me this product and I swear I can never live without it!  Its so easy to use and gives you a quick natural glow that washes off!

Clear Tan Biosphere Bronzer with Silk and Pearl retails for appx $25 per bottle.  Its a clear gel with these 'spheres' that burst as you rub the gel onto skin and they instantly add soft, silky bronze color that is as easy to apply as lotion!

What I love also is that the non-greasy formula is great for the face too, adding an instant glow!

My mom and I always say that this is the first product to use in the Spring, because your legs have no color yet, but you are dying to wear a pretty skirt!  In a minute you have tan legs!

AND the color grows, for this weekend I applied it again after the first application dried and I got an even deeper natural glow!

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