Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Sun-Kissed Highlights

Did you ever used to put lemon juice in your hair when you were younger, to get that blond look?  I used to do it to lighten my hair - how terrible!!

Now, you can flashback to that feeling of being a young teen, but with less damage and better results!

John Freida's Sheer Blond line now has a "Lightening Spray" that contains hydrogen peroxide that activates with heat (blow dryer)

Harry Josh, Stylist for John Freida, says that the process is simple and will give you salon-quality highlights!

To use:  Spray all over damp hair and blow dry

The effect should be a natural looking beach blond

I read some reviews and users suggested repeating the process for a few days in a row to achieve real results!

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