Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Look on the Chanel Runway

I have followed Chanel's runway looks for years, trying to emulate the genius that takes 100s of brilliant designers and creative director's to create - and I am not at all disappointed in the latest beauty looks to come down the runway!

Chanel is prepping to release a line of metallic nails and eyes in July 2011 (according to a press release I read yesterday) and I have been googling my brains out over it!

I'm going to help you infuse your look with inspiration from Chanel, the most final say in all things Parisian Chic!  (in my opinion anyway!)

Trends I'm picking up on:
Low Ponytails:

I love that they are secured with jewels and accented with long earrings!

Sleek hair back with a brush, for extra shine rub a shine serum on your hands then pull back hair, it will help tame fly aways!  Secure the low ponytail with a fun accessory
Hair <em>Accessories</em> Metal Flower <em>Ponytail</em> Rv4315 RevlonCute Heart Swarovski Crystal Hair <em>Ponytail Accessories</em>
be even more daring and clip a feathered accessory to the base of your ponytail to add extra flair
NEW Riviera brown <em>feather</em>/bead trimmed <em>ponytail holder</em>Burlesque <em>Feather</em> Tribal Belly Dancing Hair Clip Pin
Statement Earrings:
I love this gold/black metal long earring, its all about the statement earrings!

Try options like these:
<em>Long Chain</em> & Crystal Dangle <em>Earrings</em> (Black Tone Metal) - 11cm Drop
$16 on

BCBG chain earrings in gold for $25 at
BCBGeneration <em>Chain</em> Reaction <em>Long</em> Fringe <em>Earrings</em> : BCBGeneration ...
Or these $4 ones from Charlotte Russe!
Charlotte Russe Purple Feather & <em>Chain Earrings</em>
Metallic Smokey Eye:

with a peachy-pink blush and natural pink lips, the look is amazing.  You can always lessen the color under the eyes and near the bow-bone to create a more daytime or work friendly look.  What's great about the look is you can create it with one shadow and an eyeliner!

Of course, Chanel models do not thrive on one color pallets, a close-up shows that they actually blended in some iridescent green shimmer over a plum base

I suspect it was created with the very popular Ombres Perlees Pallete of creamy shimmery shadows

I also recommend their single shadow "Magic Night" which I have used on many skin tones

It retails for $28.50, but the pigmentation is so dramatic, you barely use any product at all to create all that fabulous plummy metallic smudginess (yeah- that's a technical term!)
Just a few rounded sweeps and you can create that deep set dark eye, but it doesn't need to be as dramatic as the runway (think of it as "runway to real-way")

If you do want to amp up the iridescent look like the runway, with that shimmery green, try a ultra shimmer teal or turquoise, dab it on the part of your eyelid that is raised the farthest from the face with your finger (if you use a brush you might apply too much)
My fav is this creamy eyeshadow from Buxom (Bare Essentuals) in "St Bernard" and you can find it at Sephora

"Liquid Metal" Nails:
You can also catch a glimpse of the new nail color arriving in July, its a metallic gun metal shade called "Graphite" that goes great with the dark eyes and neutral lips!

Rumor is that stylist Rachael Zoe was so crazy about it that she was able to sneak a peak of all three new July 2011 shades of nail color:

And I am very much interested in that green-gold!

Now you've been inspired by the most prestigious fashion-house in the World - Chanel!

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