Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clumpy Mascara...A Trend?!

Did I really read it right?  "Clumpy" mascara is actually a trend?!

Well, its true, but not nasty clumpy lashes, such as these:

But rather the "Twiggy" mascara that is defined, where sections of lashes "clump" together to create a dramatic eye

In fact, this bolder lash look is being emphasized on the lower lash line as well!

Made possible with new featured mascara products that tend to only the lower lash line, such as Givenchy's PhonemonEyes, sold at Sephora for $30

This trend is catching on in the false eyelash market as well, with popular brands now offering the thicker "clumped together" lash line

How about these false lashes from Illemasqua, sold at Sephora

Celebrities such as Kim K

Christine Aquilara

and Jennifer Lopez

Note Jen in her "On the Floor" video from this year

are straying away from the perfectly defined lashes to the thicker, and bolder lash line...

so what do you think...clump the lashes together or are you still into the ultra defined look of yester-year?

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