Monday, May 23, 2011

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

I was asked last week about Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments, and if they are worth the cost that salons are charging, so I did some research.

A Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment promises to smooth frizz and make your hair luxurious and shiny!  So far, I'm interested!

How it works is hair is washed with a clarifying cleanser to remove all residue and prepare hair for treatment.  Hair might be washed in this treatment a few times depending on the stylist's opinion of your hair's texture.  Hair is blow-dried then the Keratin treatment is coated onto strands in 1 inch sections (thoroughly coated on the hair) and you let it sit for 20 minutes.  Without rinsing, hair is blow dried again, and then to fully heat-activate, the hair is straightened with a styling appliance.  The entire process will take about 2-3 hours depending on how much hair you have.

To note:  You cannot wash, clip, or ponytail hair.  You also cannot even tuck the hair behind your ears, or the hair will kink and bend (it is very susceptible) some formulas have you hold to this rule for FOUR days!  (no glasses or sunglasses either!)  But then you can wash your hair normally and barely blow dry it and it will be straight and smooth for about 4 months!!!!!  They say it takes an average of 10 minutes to style the treated hair.

Other news:
There was a lot of headlines recently about the Formaldehyde in these Brazilian Keratin Treatment products, and it was even suggested that it could cause cancer with repeated use!  Many salons went to a Formaldehyde-free treatment (called Brazilian Blowout, and is not the same company), but the market busted, because it didn't work on the more unmanageable hair clients.  The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment company finally came back with an ultra-low formaldehyde formula, and had the following to say: 

"Brazilian Keratin Treatment," has stated that, "While the FDA has a published list of forbidden ingredients, formaldehyde is not included on this list and, in fact, has been deemed safe to the great majority of consumers." At the same time they indicate the importance of going to a trained, licensed hair-care professional who knows how to properly use the product and makes sure the product does not come in contact with the skin. On their web site, the company goes on to explain: "In 1984, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) issued a report addressing the 'skin sensitivity' of certain individuals to formaldehyde and deemed as safe a concentration of .2% formaldehyde for those cosmetic and personal care products that are applied or come into contact with the skin. Contrary to the representations found in the media, the recommendation of the CIR does not extend or relate in any manner to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which uses derivatives of formaldehyde formulas to be safer."

Through perfecting this process, they have now lowered the "no wash, style, touch, sweat, etc" rule to a mere 24 hours only!

So what does it cost?  Of the 3 salons in Syracuse that I checked, it will cost you about $300 for a Keratin Treatment....But there are other options!

Formaldehyde Free at Home:
Keratin Cure $380 on
Keratin Brazilian Treatment and Clarifying Pre-Treatment Shampoo KC Keratin Cure Gold and Honey Bio Biological Professional Combo Kit Brazilian Keratin Treatment 1000ml 33.81 Oz & Keratin Cure Gold & Honey Bio Biological Original Cleanse Pre-treatment Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml 33.81 Oz - Truly Formaldehyde Free!
Lowest level formaldehyde:
The Keratin Perfect Deluxe Set from Sephora $235 and you get the straightener and shampoo/conditioner!
30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition ($350 Value)
or you can just get the essentials for $95
30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Essentials Collection
Liquid Keratin at Home Starter Kit (lasts 16 shampoos) $60 at Ulta

Will you be considering this expensive treatment?!  I might have to after seeing those before and after pictures!

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