Monday, May 9, 2011

Tried and Tested- Micro Derm Peel

Last night I tested out Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel

A Micro derm peel is rapidly exfoliates skin using strong ingredients (like salicylic acid), which promises to:

De-age the skin
Reduce fine lines
Reveal fresh new skin through a deep exfoliating process
and exclusive to the Philosophy Brand, an infusion of vitamin C (which you can feel)

The lactic acid gel tingles (a bit of a burn) but it subsides in a few seconds.  You leave it on for 1-3 minutes on clean dry skin, then rinse off.

A cheaper and less evasive version of the dermatologist office (and select spas) machine that can cost you around $150-$250 per application, this $65 kit gives you multiple uses and includes vitamin C crystals to scrub the skin with in addition to the acid gel.

My skin did feel renewed and was certainly brighter - I think after multiple uses in the next month it could have the potential to remove some of the fine lines on my forehead (do NOT use this product near your eyes)

I think it was worth the money, especially when compared to a spa or dermatologist cost!

Philosophy also offers an every day face wash that delivers less powerful exfoliating agents:

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