Thursday, May 12, 2011

What guys are craving this summer!

Studies show that men LOVE scented hair!  Seriously!

In fact, a team at Harvard did a study and found that men preferred the scent of pumpkin pie and lavender when smelled on hair.  (I hate to think about how they conducted that test....but I digress!)

Pumpkin pie?!  Huh?

Well, I've got tricks to make it easier then THIS

Scented hair is all the rage, and its easier to achieve than you think!  First of all, your head is warm, which will intensify fragrance!

First, you can spritz your brush with your fave scent before brushing each time, or you could buy a scent infused brush!

You can also spray perfume on the base of your neck, under the hair line, to release the scent slowly!

I don't recommend spraying hair directly with regular perfume or body sprays, because the alcohol content can damage your hair. 

BUT, you can buy specific hair perfume products that won't damage hair!  In face, Chanel makes several in their most popular fragrances!

The most popular selling hair perfume is Aquolina's Pink Sugar Hair Perfume, $15

Sephora also carries the entire Pink Sugar line, so you can indulge in many lush products with this fragrance.

Either way, scented hair will make you feel beautiful, and adds a nice touch when you are close!

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