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Under Eye Circles

For today's TV Segment, I am talking about Under Eye Circles

They are one of the most common topics that people approach me about - so it's worth covering over and over!  First of all, what causes under eye circles?

Darkness as a Result of Puffiness and Bags
Could it be allergies?  Or water buildup from sinus issues?  Address the problem from the inside out with taking allergy meds or a decongestant.  A cold compress will help bring down temporary swelling.

Irritation from Crying, or too much Partying
We can cause redness, swelling and bruise-like puffiness from too much of a salty dinner or from crying over a movie!  Drink some water to flush the system, try a cool gel eye cream or even the tried-and-true cucumber slice method!

Sorry, but if you inherited dark under eye pigment from genetics, you're basically stuck with it - BUT you can improve it with diligent use of an eye cream!  Preferable one that evens skin tone through vitamin C!

Other Tips:
- Don't sleep in makeup (especially mascara!) it irritates eyes
- Wear sunscreen to allow the skin to resist permanent pigmentation
- Hydrate the eye area with a good eye cream or serum
- Don't forecably rub eyes
- Try a vitamin A cream to prevent aging and discoloration

Eye Treatments:

My 2 favorite eye creams for circles and anti-aging are ones I came across after MANY years of trying products, both bargain and expensive and I've narrowed it down to

Freeze 24/7 Anti Aging Eye Serum $115 at Macy's

Shiseido Benefance Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream $55 at Sephora and Department Stores

Dab on eye cream morning and night, focusing on the orbital bone (not too close to eye, because eye creams tend to 'drift' after a while and over-applying or getting too close to the eye can irritate or burn your eyes and make your makeup run)

Try an Eye Brightener

Play off lighting or create your own with an eye brightener!  It's a makeup guru's best kept secret for hiding dark circles, discoloration or tired skin!
Brightener Applied on Left
Dot brightener on and gently smooth from inner crease and under the eye (don't pull skin, it exaggerates darkness)

My top picks are Benefit's Ooh La Lift $22 at Ulta

which has raspberry extract in it to sooth and soften the eye area (and prepare it for concealer!) and the non-shimmery tone instantly brightens the eye area (shimmer products work great, but this is perfect if you're looking to build a makeup look)
Just dot underneath and blend

(don't forget that inner corner of the eye!)

YSL's Touche Eclat Highlighting Concealer ($40 at Sephora)

this flawless luminizer works all over the face, but it makes the under eye area especially smooth and lighter!  It's a VERY worthy splurge


I consistently go back to these 2 concealers for my under eye area - and neither disappoint me!

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal ($36 at Sephora and

this INCREDIBLE concealer is infused with vitamin K and it glides on feather light but actually conceals under eye discoloration (and blemishes!) perfectly!

It's truthfully a product I would pay much more than $36 for AND a tube lasted me a whole year!!

For a boost in coverage - for that stubborn discoloration - I turn to Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer ($32 at Sephora)

Not only is it full coverage, but it LASTS all day!

I have never been disappointed in this concealer, and its my top choice for makeup clients for humid weather!

When concealing the under eye area, use a 'patting' technique

which spreads the color without pulling and making the discoloration worse.

I like to make a line of tiny dots and then start blending with my ring finger or a concealer brush

Concealer Brushes have small flat smooth bristles

Keep tapping and blending until you achieve perfect coverage.

Pro Tip: Use your eye cream and brightener, apply your foundation or BB Cream and THEN conceal the under eye area.  If you make it your last step before setting powder, you will have more power in your concealer's coverage and you can use less!

dark circles makeover

Concealer Shades for Various Discolorations:

If your under eye discoloration is mainly blue in tint, a yellow based cream concealer might work better for you!  Try Benefit Erase Paste

which has the perfect consistency for the under eye area ($26 at Ulta)

For under eye darkness that is more brown or for women of color, try a peach based concealer
I like NYX Orange Concealer ($8 at Ulta)
And you apply it around the eye area and add the color slowly until the discoloration is covered

Cover with foundation and translucent powder to set and you'll look more refreshed and awake than ever before!!

I hope you enjoyed these tips!  Submit your beauty questions to me by

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