Monday, August 19, 2013

Battle of the Glycolic Peels

Sounds kinda futuristic huh?  The Galactic Glycolic Peel Battle is ON!  I recently reviewed REN's Gentle Glycolic Peel and gave it a GLOWING (hehe) review - check out that blog post here:

But then my IPSY monthly subscription beg of goodies came, and in there was ANOTHER glycolic peel!!  REALLY?!!?  I was going to throw it in the "to test in the WAY future" pile, but I read up on the line from Michael Todd True Organics

and I was intrigued, after all, it was Sunday - and I have been doing my peels every Sunday night since discovering the REN product.  This particular peel was made from pumpkins and it smells good enough to eat - so then I KNEW I was going to have to try it!

Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask is SUPER powerful AND its all natural!!!

The amazing natural scent of the pumpkin wasn't even the best part -

The best part was the RESULTS!  I applied and instantly it started to TINGLE, ok, it kinda burned a bit - but not enough that I was uncomfortable or worried, actually, it felt like it was WORKING and that was what I really loved.

I washed it off after about 8 minutes and my skin was extremely tight and noticeably brighter.  I moisturized and the next morning I felt like I noticed a HUGE difference when I washed my face - my skin felt and looked brighter and softer! 


This mask is $32.50 on, which is less expensive than the REN and I feel like I noticed that the Michael Todd had better results!

If you're very sensitive, the REN is for you - but if you don't really have any irritation or overly sensitive skin - I REALLY think you should give this mask a try - you might not believe your eyes - that's younger skin you've got there!!!

Check out some before & after glycolic peel results (best if done once per week)

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