Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thanks for Visiting me at the Fair

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Fair to watch my LIVE audience makeover!  Special thanks for my mom and stepdad (you guys are always at everything!) and a great blast from the past - Gregorio!

It was so great to see a friendly face and his lovely mom!

The Producer selected an audience member to have a hair and makeup style applied live on stage!  Our subject was the very sweet Anita, who was laid back and went for it!  The hair stylist from Adagio Salon straightened and cut 5" off her hair on stage!  Then I mixed her a custom foundation and applied soft golden tones on the eyes.  I also accentuated her brows.

The intro to the segment is here:

As soon as the station posts the before and after shots, I will post them!

Here is a shot of the closing segment, our made over guest on the far left!
I loved meeting several others at the show taping, thank you for all the positive comments

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