Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What to get a crabby co-worker

Do you have that co-worker that is just plain crabby?  Or an admin assistant that needs an attitude adjustment, like now!?  What's worse...is you realize that you have to buy them a gift for the Holidays!  Whether the odds were NOT in your favor and you picked them for Secret Santa, or you're in a position of obligation to exchange or gift, I have an AWESOME idea under $15

Its the 21 Drops 'Pick Up Fix' Set!

21 drops is a company that packages super high quality essential oils that deliver results through the application on skin, aka: aromatherapy!

21 Drops - Pick Up Fix Set

This $14.50 set contains 4 essential oils in a rollerball form (read: super-easy to apply and carry with you!)

with effects such as uplift, calm, sleep and willpower - they can cure what ails them, and YOU!

Its a great gift that is colorful, all natural, fairly priced and appeals to all people's need for portable solutions!

Available not at Sephora:

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